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Gregory Rivas

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Experience and training

Grégory Rivas is a kinesitherapist and osteopath. He also holds multiple complementary certifications in massage therapy and related disciplines, making his practice even more comprehensive, including deep tissue and fascia massage.

He has been working as a therapist since 2011 and completed his studies in osteopathy, actively practicing since 2023.


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Gregory Rivas

- Gregory Rivas

Methods and techniques

Gregory primarily employs sports massage techniques in his practice, including deep tissue and fascial massage, along with his extensive background in kinesiology and osteopathy.

He is an ideal therapist for athletes and individuals in need of a massage that goes beyond relaxation.

Therapeutic approach

Gregory himself practices crossfit, jogging, and considers physical activity to be a crucial factor in health, which he combines with proper nutrition and emotional stability. We could say he is a very balanced athlete.

Having experienced them himself, Gregory is familiar with conditions such as sports injuries and various imbalances and conditions related to a highly active physical life.

His approach aims for efficiency and optimal intervention, facilitated by his understanding of the complexity of the human body.

To achieve inner peace, he recommends moving and, above all, taking the time for yourself.

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